Cocoa Beach Pier

401 Meade Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

Cocoa Beach is home to Kelly Slater and the biggest ‘surf shop’ in the world. This is quite surprising due to the lack of quality waves here. Cape Canaveral shields the best of the N and a long, gently-sloping sand shelf cuts the power. Cocoa Beach Pier, formerly known as Canaveral Pier, is the best bet on SE wind chop or a big nor’easter. Higher tides will produce longer rides with reforms on the inside. The main hazard is trying to score waves if Kelly Slater and his mates are out. That’s if you can find a parking spot, which always costs something.


four stars - Great place for a beer after catching a few waves!
three stars - This place will get busy on the weekends, but it's always good for people watching 😎
five stars - Great place to hang out, grab a few waves, play some volleyball and grab some food.


Had so much fun this morning at the Pier!
Watch out for high tide here, all the sand is gone! Not bad during low-mid. Pier protects from N/S winds.
Going up for a smacky!