975 Florida A1A, Satellite Beach, FL 32937

Satellite Beach consists of broken coquina shelf and sand. One of these reefs can produce long, well-defined and hollow lefts when a decent groundswell hits. RCs, on the north corner of the Ramada Inn, is the locals’ favorite and has been ridden up to 20ft (faces). Takes all swells but prefers a N/NE at mid tide. There are other reefs up and down the beach, but RCs has the goods. Only the most experienced surfers can get out when it’s really big because there is so much water moving. Shallow, rocky, big rips, and locals, plus a complete lack of parking in the immediate vicinity. There are a few clandestine parking spots, but you’ll need inside information and a bit of luck to avoid being towed.


five stars - This is the most consistent beach break in Brevard County. jguest777@gmail.com


Boosted a few at RC's this weekend! 🚀 jguest777@gmail.com